Industry Solutions



Asterisk will guide you through every step to ensure a successful growth in your business. We have designed our systems to provide various solutions for all your business progress.


Healthcare: Geriatric and Long-Term Care Digital Solutions

Geriatric and Long-Term Care Finance and Operations Digital Solutions are designed to solve complex billing and invoicing scenarios in the healthcare industry. These solutions help healthcare providers manage their finances more efficiently, have better cashflow, and reduce bad debts.


Non-Profit Organization

Running a charity or Non-profit Organisation requires solid accounting and clear lines of communication. Costs need to be carefully counted, human resources need to be effectively managed, and your donors and members need to be kept informed and feel included in all developments of your organisation.


Education: Child Care Centre Finance and Operations Solutions

Asterisk, a leading software development company, has developed a comprehensive solution to address the complex billing and finance operations of childcare centres in Singapore.