Non-Profit Organisations

Running a charity or Non-profit Organisation requires solid accounting and clear lines of communication. Costs need to be carefully counted, human resources need to be effectively managed, and your donors and members need to be kept informed and feel included in all developments of your organisation. Good book keeping is a staple of all successful Non-profits, and that’s become more complicated today than ever before. It is for this reasons that automated ERP software is today almost an essential component of the modern Non-for-profit’s internal infrastructure.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central (previously Microsoft Dynamics NAV/Navision) is one of the best options available to the modern Non-for-profit looking for ERP Software Solution to help juggle the books. Utilising Microsoft’s industry standard software, Business Central is both powerful and easily accessible to anyone familiar with Microsoft office products. Dynamics 365 Business Central will integrate the various components of your organisation into a tight, seamless interface that is quick and easy to use.



Some Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central (previously NAV) features of particular interest for Non-for-profits are:

Financial Management – Business Central gives you a comprehensive overview of all the revenue that comes into your organisation and the tools to plan where it’s going. Business Central uses SORP financial reporting and helps improve compliance with all audit requirements.

Human Resources – Using Microsoft Dynamics 365 HR module, you can easily keep track of your staff. The skills matrix helps you find who the best person for any given task is, and tools for logging contracts, confidential information, and absences help you spot issues before they become a real problem.

Keep up with your members/donors – Business Central is designed not just to manage internally, but to keep record of everyone who interacts with your organization. For non-profits, this means you have an excellent tool at your disposal for keeping your members/donors informed with regular, comprehensive updates.

Marketing and Outreach A successful Non-for-profit needs a healthy community around it, and Business Central’s marketing features can be a great way to grow your supporter base. Using its profiling and data compilation feature, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central can help you insure that the right message reaches the right person at the right time.

Reduce Costs – The important thing to note about all of this isn’t just that Business Central provides these features, but that they’re designed to be as simple and navigable as possible to reduce time and resources spent on data entry.

Our Story

What we Provide

At asterisk, we are about adapting Microsoft’s world-class software to the specific needs of local organisations like yours. Asterisk has integrated our service to provide facilities for Non-Profit Organisations in Australia. We have Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central/Navision modules that are customised solutions to cover Non-Profit Organisations.

Asterisk has experience in implementaion and services for Non-Profit Organisations. We know Non-Profits are defined by their pursuit of a double bottom line, the need to be both fiscally responsible and socially beneficial. Let’s use Business Central to take care of the first line so you can dedicate more of your valuable time and resources to the second. Let us help you manage your books so that you can get back to the people and the purpose your organisation was founded to serve.

To know further about how Asterisk can assist you for your Non-for-Profit Organisation, call (+65) 8793 5618. Get a Free Demonstration or Information Pack here.


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